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Si Gliner

Spinal fusion to correct degenerative scoliosis and previous failed fusions by Dr. Teck Soo

I'm glad I did it, because now I can take her dancing!

Jay Asquini

Anterior and posterior cervical discectomy and fusion by Dr. Teck Soo

My accident was on a Sunday, and Dr. Soo's surgery allowed me to live until Monday, and every day since.

Dennis Bullion

Posterior lumbar interbody fusion by Dr. Peter Bono

My first fusion was an 8-hour surgery. This one he did in under 2 hours. I'm still recovering, but I'm a lot happier now and feel a lot better mentally…and no pain on that side!

John Kay

Lumbar laminectomy and fusion for resection of synovial cyst by Dr. Boyd Richards

I was pain free from the time I had the surgery.

Christopher Michaud

Resection of recurring brain tumor by Dr. Clifford Houseman

Surgery went very well! He was out within 24 hours of surgery at home, chopping wood and having a fire. During both surgeries [Dr. Houseman] was able to get the entire tumor.

Scott Ivey

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion by Dr. Prashant Kelkar

In a short amount of time I was back at work- I had full mobility. It has been one year now, and I have had a full recovery and don't even notice that I had [the surgery].

Robert LoRee

Lumbosacral fusion

I started a search and rescue company and I have 20 people under my command. We are going all over the contry, training and saving lives. If it wasn't for Dr. Soo I wouldn't be doing that.

Renata Calvaruso

Sacroiliac Fusion

I have not had back pain since I've had the surgery in February. 



As a patient with Multiple Sclerosis I was experiencing numbness in my arms daily, and the MS protocols were not helping it heal. After MRI results showed severe stenosis in my cervical spine, I was referred to Dr. Bono. Dr. Bono thoroughly explained my condition and recommended fusion surgery. It was a very scary proposition, but Dr. Bono made it easy to understand and this procedure literally saved me from permanent paralysis in one or both of my arms. Nothing in the recovery period came as a surprise as he and his staff answered all my questions, outlined everything I needed to do to heal well, checked in on me after the surgery and made themselves readily available after surgery for questions or concerns. This team of medical professionals were a joy to work with during a very difficult and uncertain time. After I healed I was able to do some things I had not been able to do in years - simple things - like snap my fingers and thread a needle. Oh, and play the guitar again. Thank you to Dr. Bono and your magnificent staff for your professionalism and kindness.